It’s the Little Things that Matter

I once saw a “life lesson” posted on someone’s desk that said something to the effect of “If it won’t matter in 10 minutes or 10 years then don’t worry about it”.  It stuck with me and as I get older I try not to let the small stuff get to me.  Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not.  I find that getting older and being married with children the things that were important in my youth aren’t any longer.

Sometimes l do have to admit that I find the little things interesting when it comes to my photography.  I really enjoy looking for the obscure and small when I’m outside exploring and looking for a subject to create an image with.  There is something inside of me that is in awe and wonder of the small parts of creation just as much as the enormous.   For some people photographic appreciation comes from a scene of mountain peaks or vast oceans, but there is something about the macro I find compelling.  Why did God put so much detail in such a small creature or flower?  It makes me wonder how many images I have missed because I was thinking big instead of small.

Being child-like can help us discover the little things that matter

Maybe it is my children who have given me this appreciation.  They love to explore digging under rocks or looking in the ponds and lakes around our neighborhood looking for unusual wildlife or insects.  They have a natural curiosity that some of us have lost as we mature.  We get older and have a tendency to lose appreciation for the small stuff and become obsessed with the bigger things in life; bank accounts, bigger cars, homes and TV’s.  Why do we, myself included, have an obsession with big? Do we feel more important, more confident, more satisfied?

Goslings - Quispamsis, New Brunswick

A few years ago I was introduced to the story of “The Starfish” and the tale of how the small actions of one small person can make a big difference.  No, we can individually solve world hunger or climate change but we can all do something small to make a difference.  The lesson has stuck with me and helps me to remember that sometimes it is the little things that matter.

Starfish - Huntsman Aquarium - St. Andrews, New Brunswick

2 comments on “It’s the Little Things that Matter

  1. I too like looking at simple things and the smallest of detail. But oddly, it is opposite of you. When younger, I looked at the bigger picture, but when in architecture school learned the value of the details making up the bigger picture. It became a holistic approach rather than the parts making up the whole. In photography, I often look to the detail and find more interest when it obscures the form of the whole, or makes you see something just not so evident. It seems to bring art or mystery into the image. But then again, I am not a professional photographer, but just applying principles from other disciplines to my photographs.

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