A Snow Day

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.
George Washington Carver

Finally!  It has snowed.  This has been the brownest winter I think we have ever had.  Aside from a dusting at Christmas we really haven’t had much in the way of a major snowfall.   So when a storm hit the East Coast this past Friday, I knew how I was going to spend my Saturday morning.  The Kennebecasis Valley was going to be my destination. It is just east of Saint John, and offers so many opportunities with its winding rivers and rolling hills and of course the valleys as its name suggests.  My day started at 7:00 am with a quick stop for some fuel for both the car and me.   From there the journey began.

Ice Fishing @ Sunrise - Kennebecasis River, New Brunswick

I had some visions of what I was hoping to come home with as far as images from my day out.  There is a small town about 30 minutes past Saint John called Norton, and this would be my final destination.   Prior to getting there, I stopped to see my old stomping grounds in the Kennebecasis Valley where I spent most of my youth.  One of the areas I stopped to see in the town was a small ice fishing community.  The colors, shapes and sizes of the ice shacks made for a terrific panorama opportunity.

After I took a few shots from the wharf in front of the ice shacks that were lining the Kennebecasis River, I continued on to the town of Norton where I hoped to capture an image of the snow covered town. As much as I wanted, I couldn’t find the right lookout to capture the landscape of the town and the centerpiece, a church with its red roof. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

Snow on Rocks - Kennebecasis River, New Brunswick

A little disappointed, but not dejected, I headed towards home.  I was about 15 minutes from home when I drove past the exit for Darlings Island and its covered bridge.  I decided to head into the village and see what I could find.  I’m so glad I did.  It was the highlight of the day.  The river was open and created a fantastic opportunity create a high contrast image with open water and the snow covered ice.  I also captured a wonderful shot of a snow covered lane lined by the leafless trees.

Leafless Lane - Darlings Island, New Brunswick

The day didn’t go as planned but the results were still very satisfying.   My kids love snow days and I couldn’t agree more; even if it is for different reasons.

2 comments on “A Snow Day

    • That’s too funny… I just left a note for you on your reflections post…. I like the first photo too on yours… Great minds? Thanks for the comments again, I so appreciate. It’s funny how it works out. I left that day with totally different intentions but so happy with what I brought home…

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