Perspective is everything

Everyone sees drama from his own perspective.
Jean-Marie Le Pen

Photography is all about perspective.  When a photographer creates an image they are saying “This is what I saw, and this is my perspective of what occurred”.  As a photographer I’m biased.  The images I create are telling a story, but from a one person point of view, mine.

Split Rock and Fog

When I’m out looking at a scene, very rarely do I take only one shot, unless it involves wildlife or an event that happens quickly.  I move around and look at different angles, sometimes farther back and sometimes it is higher or lower.  Quite often, I will use a different lens to change the way the finished image looks.   Usually, I have an idea in my mind of how I want the final photograph to look. Sometimes I don’t, so I just keep shooting until I feel like I’ve captured every possible angle.

Sunrise on Split Rock

There are very few places around the world that haven’t been photographed.  As I’ve studied photography as an art, I’m so amazed how the same location and same subject can be photographed in two different ways.  Two of my favorite photographers Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell have both photographed Yosemite’s El Capitan, yet they create such different images.

Split Rock Low Tide

I’ve shared that my favorite place along the Bay of Fundy to take photographs is a place called Split Rock.   Low tide, high tide, fog or sunny there are so many different images to capture. There are countless perspectives to help capture a powerful image. I embrace every opportunity to visit this absolutely amazing area.  Each time I go to this local paradise I look forward to creating a new image that I haven’t captured before.

A change in perspective can help us all; whether we are photographers or not.

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