The Photograph That Was Never Taken

As photographers, we’ve all likely said it at one time in our life, “I wish I had my camera right now!” It may have been while we were just walking the dog, driving to the grocery store or work. Our lives are so busy with things to do, it just isn’t possible to capture every moment in time, as much as we may want to. Even as recent as this past Saturday I had one of these moments.

The weather is very spontaneous here in New Brunswick. I woke up to rain on Saturday but by 8:30am it had cleared enough for me to head to a local nature park for a hike. I was able to spend an hour or so taking photographs before it started to rain again; and when the sky opened up, it poured. Later, after the rain stopped, my wife and I went for a drive so I could get some framing done. As we left our neighbourhood I saw the fog and steam rolling off the street. It was certainly an “I wish I had my camera moment.”  I looked around and saw many opportunities to create dreamy images. With my wife in the car and my oldest still at home babysitting his younger sisters, I thought it was best to get where we needed to go and get back home before sibling rivalry took over. Opportunity missed.

There have been several other occasions that I have wished I had my camera in my hands. Sometimes the moments are a spontaneous display of affection between all three of my children (rare!!) on a family outing or a once in a life time moment like taking a first step. Of course there are many photos that my wife and I have taken for family celebrations, our kid’s musicals, dramas and sporting events. These are the most important images that I have taken.

As a husband and father as well as a photographer there has to be a balance. Sometimes I have to make a choice when and where I take photographs that are just for me. Some of the photographs I haven’t taken have been by choice because there are some moments with my family that I won’t get to experience again. I’ll admit, sometimes I wish I had more time for my personal photography, but my kids are only young for a short period and the important moments in their lives only happen once. Redoes for these events aren’t an option.

Is there a photograph that you haven’t taken?

3 comments on “The Photograph That Was Never Taken

  1. Such true words, “Redoes for these events aren’t an option.” I had a ‘wish I had my camera today’ moment, I passed a huge field of red poppies and the park grounds keepers were mowing them down in their prime. It just seemed wrong and wasteful to remove such beauty. I wanted the photo before they were gone. Could have used the iPhone, but this was not an iPhone kind of image.

  2. But, in a pinch, an iPhone is better than none :)…I love my new iPhone it takes phenomenal photos! At least as good as my Canon Elph300.

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