Glorious and Free

I had another topic for this week’s blog, but after listening to the Canadian National anthem in church yesterday and seeing everyone in their red and white I was left with a much stronger sense of patriotism than I anticipated. It also got me thinking this afternoon about all the reasons I love my country and the places that I have been lucky enough to visit and photograph. The landscape of Canada is a huge part of my photography and one of the many reasons I love it. I’ve also been seeing a lot of the things going on in other countries around the world in the news, and it make me appreciate Canada even more.

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a small town with just over 900 people living in it, but it is still one of my favorite places in the Maritimes to visit. This famous scene of the Three Churches is just one of the many photographic opportunities this coastal community provides.

Over the last 20 years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in 3 of the 4 Atlantic Provinces as well as Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the provinces and territories are on my to-do list. Since Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass it will take some time so see everything that I would like to. I have a map of Canada on the wall in front of my desk and quite often think about the places I want to visit. Someday I hope to have the opportunity to visit places like the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC, Grass Land National Park in Saskatchewan, Churchill Manitoba, or the Torngat Mountains National Park in Newfoundland.

I had the pleasure of visiting  The Lang Pioneer Village on a few occasions while living in Peterborough Ontario. It is a fabulous living museum and a wonderful reminder of what our country would have been like in the 19th century.

When I hear people talk about vacations it quite often is about going someplace warm and tropical. As much as I enjoy traveling to south, there is part of me that enjoys a staycation and discovering new places in my province of New Brunswick or visiting family in Nova Scotia and PEI. The older I get the more I enjoy revisiting the familiar places in my hometown or other places close to the Bay of Fundy.

Close to my home here in New Brunswick, the Nerepis River reminds me of the Florida Everglades… but without the gators thankfully.

There are many places around the world that I would love to visit and photograph. The Amazon, The Galápagos or Easter Islands to name a few; and they would all be amazing, but there is really no place like home. I live in a wonderful country and there are still so many places that I have yet to see here in Canada. The True North strong and free.

4 comments on “Glorious and Free

  1. Very beautiful scenes Brian. Like you, I would love to visit so many places, but I probably will never get the chance. I have been to many places in Canada though, and you are so right, it is beautiful scenery all across your country.

    • There is just so much to see both north and south of the boarder. Niagara is on my list as well. You are very fortunate to live where you do. Unfortunately the list keeps getting longer. 🙂

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