Do What You Love.

I’m reading a book by Max Lucado called Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot. In the book he talks about using your talents, doing the things you love for the right reasons. It’s not for the money or for the fame but because you love to. It’s taken some time but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized, Max is right.

I follow a blog called Garden Walk Garden Talk and not because I’m an avid gardener. The writer of the blog has two passions; gardening and photography and uses both of these to create some incredible images. Her inspiration comes from her love of flowers and gardening and her talent in photography is what creates the works of art. I personally don’t know much about gardening, but I really enjoy her blog and images because she does them so well. She has a great blog with amazing images because she really knows her subject and she knows her subject so well because she is passionate about it.

Over the years I have photographed a variety of different subjects. I’ve enjoyed taking portraits and sports photos, I’ve had fun at balloon festivals and car rallies. I like to walk through cities that I visit enjoying the architecture and lights at night, but there is one subject more than all the others that I’m passionate about and continue to gravitate towards. That is nature.

I’ve read photography books and had friends say that you if you want to be successful you need to photograph this or shoot that but I’ve learned that it is not the case. Doing what you love is what makes you successful. Whether it’s photography, writing, painting or helping people, do what you love and you will be good at it.

16 comments on “Do What You Love.

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning GWGT. Doing what you love really is a key to happiness in work and life in general. To combine your love of photography to your work really makes everyday special. If I could not design in my work, it would be incomplete, but because I can, it makes everyday a joy and one to look forward to.

  2. Very astute. I never thought of joy as a lifestyle, but it must be such. I literally can’t wait until the next day to keep working on a project that I am engrossed in, and feel like I am joyful in my work. Like you, I feel that way in nature too, like finding little treasures. Your photo above with the sun rays looks like one of those moments you just can’t wait to see and when you do, you feel thankful that you did.

  3. I read about you in Donna’s blog. I like your blog and photography and anf yourideas about joy, I never thought it this way, but I must agree it’s a lifestyle and I believe is a very postive path to follow. Thanks!! Lula
    p.s. love your landscapes, here in Majorca, my surroundings are quite different and I miss now my landscapes from Brussels.

    • Hi Lula, Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. It is always very nice to hear from someone new.

      Joy is a work in progress for me I’ll have to admit. I need to work on removing the distractions of stuff that I think will make me happy (short term) and focus on the joys of life (long term). Getting out to enjoy nature and God’s creation is a big part of that for me as it allows me the opportunity to share my joy with others.

      Thanks again for visiting. I hope you come back again.

  4. I was referred here from Donna’s post at Garden Walk Garden Talk, and you express this thought very well. I think the passion and love we have about something we do consciously and subconsciously shows up in that effort. Our individual imprint shines through and leaves the end product with a glow. A wonderful post…glad I came by.

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