Going Up

Every year in September, the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta arrives in Sussex New Brunswick. Known as the Dairy Capital of the Maritimes, the small town of Sussex, with its population of approximately 4500 people, welcomes some 40,000 visitors for this event during the first weekend after Labour Day.

Launch times are twice daily. The first starts around 6:30 am and the second at 5:30 pm, with balloon glows happening at dusk (balloons are tethered to the ground for this launch). The Balloon Fiesta is a fabulous family event. The waking of kids at 5 am is a little iffy, but necessary to make sure that you arrive on time to see the pilots inflate and take off in their balloons. The launch times really provide perfect conditions for taking photographs because you are avoiding the harsh midday light.

If acrophobia is not a problem for you and you have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, riding on a balloon will give you a very unique perspective of the Balloon Fiesta, and the surrounding area.

A tripod and two lenses should be enough for equipment. A wide angle telephoto for pre-launch and a medium telephoto for balloons in flight will allow you to capture just about anything you see.

Even though the balloons and pilots from all over the world are the main attraction, there is a lot more to see and photograph. The car shows, craft and artisan shows along with the rides at the fair, make it an all day family (or photographic) event.

7 comments on “Going Up

    • Much appreciate Judy. I just took a quick look at your site and will follow back. I’ll be back to check out your site some more in the next day or so.

      Thanks again!!! Always nice to hear from someone new.

  1. Lovely images, Brian. They do start out early, no? We have a similar balloon launch in our area too and my photography club goes each year to shoot. I never could get away at that time because of work, but may sometime. Also, we have a free-flying balloon ride at one of the parks which my husband wants to try, but I am a bit wary of heights. It is costly too. There used to be one over the falls, but that was tethered. I am not sure why it is no longer in operation. Great photos and very colorful.

  2. Brian, I have a link you should check out. It is less for the guest post, but there is a free magazine you might enjoy. I don’t know if you have an iPad, but I think it or an iPhone is necessary to subscribe. The photographers that write the articles are ones you might know. It is packed with images too. I hope you can get it. I downloaded the first free one and subscribed immediately. http://ricksammon.com/blog2/2013/8/13/todays-guest-post-11-ways-your-ipad-can-improve-your-photography-by-angelo-loanides

    Here is the link for Extraordinary Vision Magazine. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/extraordinary-vision-outdoor/id563485634

    • I like Rick’s work and have a couple of paperback books but unfortunately I’m an Android/PC guy, but I do use itunes so I’ll definitely take a look. Thx for thinking of me.

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