New Year – New Possibilities

  • “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”
    Alfred Eisenstaedt

A year is a strange thing. It’s said the older you are, the quicker the years go. I’ve learned that it is very true – 2016 flew by. I didn’t intend to skip eight months between post, it just happened.

So what have I been up to? There has still been lots of photos and I’ve been happy with quite a few – some more than others. The most memorable things about 2116 weren’t necessarily the images but the people I’ve crossed paths with. The Photographs from last year are a credit to some of those individuals, along with the knowledge and places they shared with me. I have been fortunate to spend some time with a biologist, fellow artists, business people and old friends who I have become reacquainted with. Many of them have taught or showed me something new and helped me grow as a photographer.

Monoscape in Motion ~ Lepreau Falls, NB

Monoscape in Motion ~ Lepreau Falls, NB

This is my first of 2017 and I’ll attempt to keep you updated on a more regular basis this year on what I’ve been doing, what I’ve seen and who I meet along the way….. Stay tuned my friends.

7 comments on “New Year – New Possibilities

  1. It is good to take time off to learn and grow. Beautiful image. I too have stepped back from blogging on my garden blog and have now been posting on my nature blog and in photography Facebook groups. Best to expand in what you like the most.

  2. Wow, I had commented on this post from GWGT and my comment disappeared. Glad you are back posting your wonderful images. Yes, the last year went by quickly, I agree. Are you going out and about more now? You live in such a beautiful place.

  3. Happy you are back posting your awesome pictures. Yes, the most recent year passed by rapidly, I concur. It is safe to say that you are going out on the town all the more at this point? You live in such an excellent place…

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